NCR Silver

NCR Silver is a POS system with powerful business-building tools at its core. It’s the right choice for small and growing businesses looking for a solution that goes beyond taking payments to help drive success.

What is NCR Silver?

NCR Silver® is your indispensable all-in-one, cloud-based POS payment, marketing and management solution, packed with features to help you take your business to the next level.

Simple to set up and use, it lets you easily handle transactions, take payments, do your reporting, run email marketing and loyalty programs, manage inventory, optimise employees and more—all from a device you likely already own.

You can access it all anytime, anywhere from any Internet-enabled device. Best of all, NCR POS systems come with 24/7/365 support from a team that’s dedicated to helping your business grow.


Your cash register in the cloud

For hospitality entrepreneurs, NCR Silver® Pro Restaurant lets you:

set automatic, event-based discounts break up a bill any number of ways and put the customer in charge with flexible payment options.

Cloud based

Run your business anytime, from anywhere

With your data in the cloud, you have the freedom to run your business wherever you have an Internet connection.

• manage employees
• track sales
• add inventory
• market to customers
and more.

Then, when your day’s done, you can sleep well, knowing your data’s secure, even if your location is damaged.

Inventory management

Know what’s hot

Improve decision-making and reduce shrinkage with real-time stock visibility. Thanks to inventory management and sales reporting, you can see what’s selling and what’s not, and what really drives your profits, whether you’re managing one or multiple outlets.

Employee management

Optimise your staffing

Assign roles and track employee time with clock-in/clock-out functionality you can operate from anywhere.

NCR Silver® also reports staff sales performance in real time so that you can adjust your staffing and POS locations to maximise revenue.


Actionable insights

Track sales and manage information across single or multiple locations thanks to this POS software’s customisable and consolidated reporting capabilities.
Need more insights? Add on NCR Console for detailed sales intelligence and automated forecasting at your fingertips.

Loyalty & marketing

Happy customers, happy business

Integrated email marketing makes it a breeze to engage and nurture your customers with targeted and customised email campaigns.
And those loyalty cards? They’re no longer needed as NCR Silver® Loyalty auto applies rewards at the point of sale.

Built-in scalability

Born to grow with you

Whether you’re adding more users, increasing your number of POS registers or opening new stores, NCR Silver® scales to meet your needs with increased functionality and add-ons.

NCR Silver® Essentials is ideal for a variety of start-ups and entrepreneurs while NCR Silver® Pro Restaurant meets the unique demands of table service restaurateurs.

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