Southern Rework Offsite Backup for SME

Southern Rework is pleased to offer our customers a flexible backup solution at competitive rates that offers enterprise features such as Encryption, Compression, Rate Limiting, and Database Plugins.  The service is multiplatform supporting Windows Server and Desktop OS (32bit and 64bit), OSX, BSD and Linux platforms.

The Basic Service allows up to three systems (one MSSQL/MYSQL server and two client PCs) to store up to 50GB of data remotely.  Once the process is set up it is completely automatic and performs scheduled backups unattended.  A report is automatically sent to your nominated email account indicating the files that were backed up giving you peace of mind that the process is working.

The service only sends changes made to your nominated files since they were last backed up. In addition it compresses the files before sending them.  This reduces the time to backup and outbound data usage to a minimum.  This is particularly important if you are using an xDSL based service where outbound data rates are often limited.  The connection to our servers is by HTTPS (encrypted), and you have a further option to encrypt the files stored on our servers.  We can also restrict the data rate to our servers so as not to flood your outbound data services.

If you need to recover a copy of a backed up file, there is a web browser that enables you to recover specific files or directories.  In the event that you need a significant volume of data that makes transmission over the internet impractical, we will create a USB/DVD of the required files and express freight that to you.

Optionally we offer file retention so that if you delete the file at your location the copy of that file remains on our servers for up to 90 days.  File versioning is also available so that up to 14 versions of a file can be stored on our servers.


Standard Features:

  • 50GB of storage per account.  1x MSSQL or MYSQL server & 2x client PCs per account.
  • Rate limiting during backup to prevent flooding of the outbound connection.
  • Data compression of backed up files to save time and data usage.
  • Delta Backup; only copies the changes within the flies between backups saving time and data usage.
  • Direct access to MS SQL and MY SQL Database engines for efficient database backups.
  • HTTPS connection between Client and Server for secure data transfers.
  • Remote access to our servers using your web browser to view and recover files.
  • Emailed report of backed up files after each backup.
  • Multi-Platform support; supports Windows 32bit & 64bit Desktop or Server OS as well as Mac OSX, BSD and Linux platforms.


Optional Features:

  • Optional AES data encryption of stored data for enhanced security.
  • File retention for deleted files, (up to 90 days).
  • File Versioning for modified files (up to 14 versions).
  • Rapid mass file recovery in case of system failure, USB/DVD of required data express freighted to client for system recovery.
  • Extra storage available in 50GB increments.