NCR are global leaders in consumer transaction technologies.

Operating in 180 countries worldwide, NCR is the tried and tested solution for your businesses day to day operations.

With the best POS Hardware that can be provided, Southern Rework & NCR can ensure your enterprise is set up to handle all types of payments, give accurate data & minimise downtime.

NCR has a vast portfolio of services provided by Southern Rework that can enable your business to perform at it’s best, whether you are in the retail, financial, travel, hospitality, telecommunication or technology sectors.


Proof that big things do come in small packages

The NCR RealPOS XR8 offers power, security and versatility for your stores in one of the smallest form factors in its class.

Fast, reliable checkout

The NCR RealPOS XR8 is powered by Intel® Core™ processor technology and will exceed your expectations whether you use it as a POS terminal or a back-office server.

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Tap, zoom, swipe, or scroll

The projected capacitive display supports multi-touch interactions, making it familiar and easy for your associates to use. Another advantage is projected capacitive displays do not require calibration to help you avoid unnecessary service calls. For environments requiring glove or stylus input, a 15″ resistive touchscreen option is available to best meet your needs.

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NCR 7199 Thermal Printer

Performance and Versatility

our customers expect excellent service when shopping in your stores or dining in your restaurant, and the checkout is no exception. The NCR 7199’s high-speed thermal printing capability and proven reliability can help reduce transaction time, increasing customer satisfaction and throughput. It prints crisp text, at a rate of 355mm or 14 inches per second, and sharp graphics in 16 levels of grayscale.

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NCR Realscan 79

A Truly Smarter Device

With NCR’s unique Ethernet connectivity*, the RealScan™ 79 is a smart scanner that goes where no scanner has been before—on the network. In addition to standard point-of-sale (POS) communication, this scanner can be active and aware on the network offering you full streaming video over IP*, image capture, and data metrics. Also programming is streamlined with smart cloning and configuration over Ethernet*—rolling out new scanners, or updating symbologies doesn’t get any easier.

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